Brandy from Brittany

Brandy from Brittany or Calvados

It is sometimes called goutte or lambig depending on the region.

 It is made by distilling cider and not apples as is thought by some. It is a strong alcohol (approximately 40°) and generally drunk as a digestif, but can be drunk as an apperetif too, like whisky for example.

It is also used in many cooking recipes.

Apple juice

Apple juice

This is the pur juice of fresh apples before  fermentation.

This apple juice must be pasturised so that it keeps.


La pommette

Fizzy apple juice.

Non alcoholic and without added sugar, water or preservatives

Le pommeau

This alcohol is relatively new, especially with today's customers.

It is a blend of freshly pressed, unpasteurized apple juice, with either Fine de Bretagne or Calvados (apple brandy)

It's an apperetif (about 17°) drank in the same ways as one might Sherry or Pineau.

It has a pleasant taste and should be served chilled.

Cider vinegar

This should really be called cidaigre. It is excellent for seasoning salads and is also renowned as good for the health.

cider jelly

One can add derivative of cider brewing called le confit de cidre ou la gelée de Guillevic (cider Jelly)which is obtained when the water evaporates.