The Cider Museum

The Cider Museum offers a tour to learn about the traditionnal manufacture of cider in an authentic environment.

Traditional methods of cider making using modern techniques at the cider workshop

Born from a passion for the art of cider making, the museum retraces the history of cider production, from the origin of apple cultivation to its distillation into cider, via crushing , pressing and other stages.It's an invigorating visit to the heart of a traditional craft.

From apple to cider

Cultural tourism in the Morbihan

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Learning tools

In our projection room there is a 20 minute film which will immerse you in the fascinating world of bygone cider makers (we are the third generation).


discover and learn

The tour starts with an exhibition on apples, pollination, and the essential role of bees (including our own working hive).

Then, crossing the farmyard, you'll find an exceptional collection of tools and machines from a bygone age, which were used to produce both cider and apple brandy (called fine de bretagne or lambig).

In each building an audio commentary is available.


children's tour

For the little ones we propose an educational tour, exploring the different stages of manufacturing apple juice with our own mascot.